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Automated Competence Assessment

by Zinayida Petrushyna last modified Apr 17, 2007 03:53 PM

Automated assessment systems come in a great variety of different tools and technologies. Although it is often claimed that most automated assessments rest exclusively on multiple-choice formats, the spectrum ranges from multiple-choice-, yes/no- or cloze-questions on the one side to natural language processing approaches on the other. Other tools include graph-based approaches and simulations. These tools differ substantially in their underlying technologies, which include – among others – statistical and probabilistic methods to model content, learners, and learning contexts.

The workshop sensibilises by discussing contradicting definitions of competence and gives an overview over the history of the concept. Furthermore, a set of key competencies is elaborated. An overview over the state of technology for automatically assessing competence by evidence is given and the applicability to the different competence classes is investigated.

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