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Premeetings for JTEL Summer School 2009

There are three FlashMeetings booked at the following dates and times:

By clicking on the respective links, you can take part in the meetings - or review them in retrospect. For more details regarding FlashMeeting, please visit the project website at Here you can find out how to check your equipment before the meetings.

The main purpose of these meetings is to provide an opportunity for you to present yourself and your research interests to the other participants of the summer school. This has proven to be an effective way to kick-start the community building that has become an attractive characteristic of the TEL summer schools (of which the upcoming one is number 5).

Ambjörn will also give a presentation on the concept of "communicative modeling" - with a focus on "systems modeling" of social interactions. You are welcome to attend as many of these meetings as you like (each of them is booked for 25 people (which is the maximum allowed in FlashMeeting).

If you want to prepare a bit for Ambjörn's modeling presentation, here is a link to his slides on Disagreement Management, which he presented at the last TENCompetence Winter School in Innsbruck:

In his comments to these slides you can find instructions on how to download the Conzilla modeling tool, which is the tool where the models that he will present have been developed. There are also "Conzilla-links" to the corresponding maps (which have to be copy-pasted into Conzilla in order to work), as well as links to screenshots of some of these maps in his electronic portfolio. In the FlashMeetings, he will use these screenshots as the basis of his presentation.

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