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Interoperable Learning Content Retrieval

by Darko Dugosija last modified May 20, 2010 05:05 PM

Organizer Name

Elena Shulman, David Massart

Short Description

We are proposing a workshop engaging participants in exploring the evolution of collaborative knowledge building practices, the technologies that support these processes and solutions to problems of openness and interoperability for reusability in diverse learning contexts. The session will begin with a discussion of content creation, metadata and new standards such as IMS Common Cartridge. The latter is particularly suited for 'blended learning' situations where there is a combination of traditional, teacher-led learning and web-based e-learning. In blended learning scenarios, Common Cartridge enables teachers to select and combine content with popular e-learning tools, such as online discussions and assessments. Participants will also be introduced to several federations of learning object repositories (GLOBE and the EUN's Learning Resource Exchange) where such content is available for retrieval along with data on usage for research purposes. Next, we will briefly describe the tenets the Open Educational Resources Movement and participants will be asked to consider how and whether this model offers readily adoptable solutions to problems of democratized knowledge sharing and knowledge ownership. Finally, participants will be asked to create and validate reusable learning content (e.g., IMS Common Cartridge), describe the content (e.g., IMS LODE + IEEE LOM), publish the content and retrieve the content in a variety of contexts. All of these hands-on activities are intended to facilitate participants' engagement in interrogating the practical, proprietary, technological and semantic dimensions of knowledge sharing thus contributing to two of the Grand Challenges of the summer school: 1. connecting learners and 2. contextualizing learning environments and instrumentalising learning contexts.

Lecturer Biography

Dr. Elena Shulman is a Semantic Interoperability Expert at the European Schoolnet where she manages the Learning Resource Exchange ( Before joining the EUN, Elena taught at the university level in the U.S. and worked in the field of open educational resources (OER). She has extensive experience in content creation and delivery in synchronous and asynchronous platforms for distance education and immersive multi-user learning environments.

Dr. David Massart is a Senior Manager at the European Schoolnet where he leads strategic research and development activities around the Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) infrastructure ( David is also the ASPECT project manager ( He is active in the IMS Global Learning Consortium as a member of the Technical Advisory Board Steering Committee and a co-chair of the Learning Object Discovery and Exchange (LODE) working group ( David is (co-)author of scientific papers, technical reports and standards in the field of the discovery and exchange of learning resources. Since 2007, he has been organizing an International workshop on Search & Exchange of e-le@rning Materials (SE@M).

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