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Producing your PhD within the field of TelIs inter-disciplinarity an issue?

by Darko Dugosija last modified May 20, 2010 04:42 PM

Organizer Name

Rosamund Sutherland, Sarah Eagle, Marie Joubert

Short Description

Within this workshop we shall work on the production of your PhD. We shall explicitly address the issue of inter-disciplinarity within TEL and how this might impact on your own PhD thesis. This will involve addressing issues related to the difference between Phds within the sub-disciplines of TEL, for example psychology, education, cognitive science, computer science. We will also discuss differences between the practices of producing a PhD within the many countries of Europe. The workshop will be organized around the participants’ Phd work and discussion of the PhD practices of the members of the workshop. The workshop will be valuable both in terms of supporting you to move forward with your own PhD and in terms of developing your awareness of how your own Phd fits within the field of TEL. Outputs from the workshop will be made available to the STELLAR Doctoral Community of Practice. These could be in the form of short video clips which highlight issues raised within the workshop.

The workshop will be led by a team from the Graduate School of Education, a partner within the STELLAR network. Rosamund Sutherland has directed research projects within the area of TEL for over 20 years, has supervised over 25 phd students and examined Phds in a range of disciplines and European countries. Sarah Eagle has studied within psychology, cognitive science and education and is currently completing her PhD on young children’s use of ICT at home. Marie Joubert is the lead researcher within Bristol’s STELLAR team and researches within the area of ICT and mathematics education.

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