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Authors: P. Gioannis
Type: Conference Paper
Available as: PDF  
Year: 2013
Appeared In: Proceedings of 6th International Conference of Education Research and Innovation (ICERI2013), Seville, Spain, November 18-20, 2013 pp. 4956-4958
Related To: PROLEARN

Nowadays, it is obvious that a rapid evolution of scientific research within European Union appears. However, there are many who passed through the area of higher education and research in general, and then can not for various reasons actively contribute to the research. The initial aim of the current article is to present the reasons that keep someone inactive and at a distance from the research community. To overcome such obstacles the appropriate ideas will be proposed so that it will be for someone possible for example to participate in a research community and in parallel with his current work. Such thing could be mainly feasible through a distance research. Therefore, by the research being available to anyone and from anywhere, it will contribute to the development of the science and beyond. The benefits of such an attempt will be presented as also suggestions for adding it in the current European Union polices.


distance research, research community, European Union research policy.

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